This is a small collection of mods that I've done for The Sith Lords. Some of them aren't really worth being called a mod, but oh well.. All mods are aimed for English version of the game and may not work in other versions unless specified otherwise.

  • Sith Battle Simulation v.1.0 (41kb, source
    This is technically a minigame that transports you on board of Ravager where you will fight against waves of Dark Jedi. Screenshot
  • Obtaining Qixoni Crystal for Lighsiders (25kb, source
    Qixoni crystal is one of more powerful crystals in the game, but to acquire it you need to choose Dark Side path. This mod allows you to get the crystal using alternative route. The crystal is restricted to Dark Side character, but it will work in any saber if you also use your personal "YourName" crystal.
  • No Force VFX (6kb, source
    Really, this is only for those who asked for it.. I should say. Removes a lot of visual effects from the game, especially the force related. Naturally, some effects remained untouched such as, for example, Lightning. This was requested at Holowan several times.
  • Start TSL with Lightsaber (1kb, source
    Very simple (but surprisingly popular according to number of downloads) mod that lets you find Lightsaber right in the beginning of the game. It's compatible with item packs mods from Envida and RedHawke.
  • Sparring Gauntlet & Carth Pager (35kb, source
    Some would say this is rather useless mod, and I would agree. I made it while learning some scripting routines. Sparring Gauntlet is a an item that can be used to attack any friendly creature or spar with your party members. Carth Pager is an armband which will spawn hostile Carth Onassi before you. Well, it's good for five minutes of fun.
  • Mind Probe v.1.1 (237kb, source
    This is my first officially released mod. It's head band, that when equipped, allows you to view and modify the influence of your companions.
  • Always Dark Kreia (374kb, source local)
    This was requested at Holowan Labs, so I did it. It's shameless "renaming of a file" type of mod that will simply make Kreia always look darksided.
  • SH Crystals Pack (179kb, source
    A collection of special color crystals. If you put one of these into a normal lightsaber, it will be converted to dual-blade single-handed lightsaber. Second blade is eye-candy only; it doesn't give extra attack per round, but it looks cool to wield a lightsaber staff in each hand.
  • Instant Death Sabers (3kb, source
    Kind of a pointless mod really. Three lightsabers that will instantly kill any foe OnHit. Can only be gotten using cheat command "giveitem". Strange, however, that although such sabers are basically cheat items and ruin gameplay, they create pretty realistic Star Wars feel in general. Remember Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan slashing through droids? This sort of recreates that.
  • Modified Grenade and Rocket Damage (8kb, source
    Pretty good mod that adjusts the damage of grenades and rockets according to your demolition skill. This was requested at Holowan Labs and the idea belongs to JCDenton.
  • A couple of disguise masks (6kb, source local)
    Experimental and unfinished mod. Gives you several masks and belts which will transform you into a different character (looks-wise). Includes: Darth Nihilus, Darth Revan, Darth Malak, Atris, Bastila, Vaandar. Bastila's mask was reported to crash the game on occasion, so I guess you'd better not use it.

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